Running your organisation

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is valuable to members and, if it is written into the governing document, an organisation must hold it whether the management committee wish to do so or not.
We have developed a range of helpful information sheets to guide you through everything from starting a new organisation to registering as a charity; finding funding to budgeting; community interes


You need to create a website. At this point you have considered the following options about why the website is needed:
Effective Peer Support Online Notes from Digital Conference 24th March – 4pm-5pm session
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Facilitating effective Zoom sessions Notes from Digital Conference 24th March - 10-11am session
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Closing down an organisation

There are many reasons why a voluntary organisation might close down.
A charitable company is regulated by company law as well as charity law. This means that there are two stages involved in the dissolution of a charitable company.
Most of the charities on the Register of Charities are required to be there: because they have charitable aims and enough income to require registration, and the only circumstances in which they ca


Some grant-making charitable trusts limit their giving only to registered charities, i.e. charities which are registered with the Charity Commission.
What is a Budget?