Haref Allies

The aim of the Haref Allies is to improve how health and wellbeing services are provided for ethnic minority communities in Newcastle and Gateshead. This is done by ensuring that our local communities have a platform to speak to mainstream services.


To become a Haref Ally, organisations should:

  • Deliver at least some of their services within Newcastle or Gateshead

And either:

    • Be an organisation that provides Health and Wellbeing Services or
    • Be an organisation that has social value, tackles barriers to services, or addresses the wider social determinants of health (housing, benefits, employment, etc.) or
  • Be funders of VCSE


The Haref Allies will:

  • Commit to improving service delivery for ethnic minority communities
  • Support and listen to the Haref Network
  • Look for opportunities to work in collaboration with the Network
  • Share good practice and information

The Haref Allies will meet every 6 months. This will be coordinated and facilitated by Haref

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Haref Ally, please email haref@connectedvoice.org.uk