Organisational Strength Review

Our organisational strength review helps you be a charity that is fit for purpose in the 21st century.  

Managing a charity is hard work and you probably don’t have the time to step back and take stock of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your compliance with good practice in charity management.  

We provide an independent, objective and confidential 360° review that will engage people from across your organisation, as well as reviewing your key documentation. We’ll then provide you with recommendations to improve your organisational culture, governance, financial management and impact.


The Report made us look at our “norms” and challenged our thinking.  It made us think about accountability, quality standards, income diversity and general promotion of the organisation. For me personally, it has become an essential working document that will make us stronger and more resilient in the future.

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  • Analyse the context in which your organisation works, identifying what the priorities are for building your capabilities so that you remain effective in your area of work.
  • Assess how you can best embed new capabilities in to the organisation.
  • Identify what new capabilities your organisation needs to develop, together with advice on the best way to use your resources to acquire and embed those capabilities. 

We will do this through an Organisational Health-check, one-to-ones and interviews with key staff, trustees, volunteers and service users. We will produce a detailed review based on our findings, analysing what works well and what could work better, written in the knowledge of the environment the organisation is working in. The report will contain clear conclusions and recommendations for the organisation to take forward.


Organisational Strength Review plus Implementation Support

Connected Voice can work with you to build upon the findings of the Organisational Strength Review, providing you with the knowledge and skills to move forward and achieve your ambitions. This work will be determined by the findings of your review and include training to cover subjects such as:

  • Growth and sustainability: equipping you to reach wider audiences, develop new services and embed sound business skills within the organisation.
  • Developing skills essential to running a successful project in an increasingly difficult climate.
  • Identifying and reaching audiences and building the skills for engagement.
  • Diversifying income streams, exploring partnerships, sustainability and business planning.

We can also facilitate planning and development sessions and author strategic plans, such as a funding plan, and create a working document that allows you to identify, monitor and timetable progress towards clear targets.



Fees for an Organisational Strength Review vary depending on the size of your organisation and complexity of the work.

We can support you to identify funding for organisational development. Speak to a member of our Support and Development team to discover available opportunities, or to arrange an initial consultation for an Organisational Strength Review. Email or call 0191 235 7021.