As our name suggests, here at Connected Voice, much of what we do is around building networks, connecting people and amplifying voices so we can collectively work towards achieving our shared vision for improving the quality of life for people across our region
Sometimes it’s important to stop and reflect, and at Connected Voice we are in annual appraisal season. This is an opportunity for our team to celebrate the wins and take stock of all the learning and development achieved 12 months on from when we set our work goal
Following on from our Pride Month celebrations in June, we welcome a guest blog from Northern Pride talking about their challenges in organising Northern Pride, the impact of the pandemic on LGBTQ+ communities, and how they are expanding activities and events beyond Northern Pride weekend:

Advocacy support for people with Learning Disabilities

Many of our service users have learning disabilities and our advocates have a wide range of skills in recognising and responding appropriately to their needs. In Learning Disability Week we’d like to give you an example of the advocacy we provide – read Jennifer’s story

Advocacy support for people from LGBTQ+ communities

We are keen to make all our services accessible and responsive to people from LQBTQ+ communities and in Pride Month we’d like to give you a flavour of the advocacy support we provide. Read about Chris who has experienced discrimination and hate crime as a result of their intersectional identities of gender and disability.

How volunteering got me into Advocacy

In Volunteers Week Gill Edgar, Senior Advocacy Coordinator, tells the story of her journey through volunteering to becoming an Independent Advocate.

“Homophobia’s still there even if not to the same degree”: Fighting Hate Crime against people from LGBTQ+ communities

Whilst there is much to celebrate during LGBTQ+ History Month and it is important to mark how far we have come in protecting the rights of people from LGBTQ+ communities, it is also a time to remember that there is still work to be done to ensure no-one is discriminated against or subject to Hate Crime. Sherene Meir, our Hate Crime Advocate, interviewed George

Fighting for your rights

December 10th is Human Rights Day and a time to reflect on how human rights and advocacy go hand in hand.

LGBTQ+ and homelessness

Connected Voice is hosting a 'Doing Things Differently' event on 2 December, which includes the Albert Kennedy Trust talking about meeting the hidden needs of young LGBTQ homeless people as demand for their services has soared. Here we tell the story of one of our service-users from the LGBTQ+ community and how we supported them.