As we go into Pride Month we can celebrate the huge strides our society has made in improving the lives of many people from LGBTQIA+ communities due to the extraordinary campaigns fought over the years against discrimination and for equal rights. Read more about the history of Pride on Tyneside.
Our Pride Logo has had an update for 2022. Read about the meaning behind the design and how Connected Voice supports LGBTQIA+ communities across Newcastle and Gateshead
Jade Correa, NHS Management Trainee, reflects on a recent 8-week placement with the Connected Voice Haref team and what she has learned from her experience.

Improving your organisation’s digital accessibility

Everyone should be able to access a service or product in whatever ways suit them best and if you work on optimising accessibility more people will access your services and feel welcomed (many will leave a platform because of access issues). Good accessibility is good for everyone, not just those with disabilities or particular needs.

No Labels

Much has already been written on the dangers of giving people a label. Implicit in a label can be judgement, bias, stigma, and power imbalance. It can strip people of individual identity. So all of this can happen without intent, due to the complexity of language and how meaning is found in interpretation. This is why Connected Voice Advocacy is taking the label discussion seriously and rethinking how we communicate in written and spoken formats about the people we work with.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Me

As a cis-gendered, ethnically minoritised young woman with a hidden disability and a working-class background, I have first-hand experience of how an intersection of characteristics can create health, social and economic disparities.

Black History Month - An interview with Sihle from 2 Way Tenancy Solutions CIC

October is Black History Month so we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work of one of our Black-led member organisations and hear about what support they’ve received from the Connected Voice teams.

Tips to make your content more shareable

As our name suggests, here at Connected Voice, much of what we do is around building networks, connecting people and amplifying voices so we can collectively work towards achieving our shared vision for improving the quality of life for people across our region

My First Year as Advocacy Manager - Jane Kingston

Sometimes it’s important to stop and reflect, and at Connected Voice we are in annual appraisal season. This is an opportunity for our team to celebrate the wins and take stock of all the learning and development achieved 12 months on from when we set our work goal