Your Role as a Trustee

The main responsibility of the trustees of a charity is to make sure that their organisation is run properly; works within the rules stated in its governing document and does not break the law.

Their roles include:

  • Know and understand what is said in the governing document and make sure their charity does not do work which falls outside it
  • Understand the policies and procedures required to run their charity and make sure they have them and that they are kept up-to-date
  • Make sure that proper financial records are kept and that money is managed properly
  • Make sure that annual accounts and reports are sent to the Charity Commission
  • Understand their responsibilities as employers and make sure they know what they have to do
  • Make sure that the chair, secretary and treasurer understand what they have to do and support them in these roles
  • Oversee and make decisions for the long term good of the charity
  • Act in a responsible way and understand that it is they not their employees that are responsible for the proper running of the charity

For more information contact:

Charity Commission
0845 300 0218

08457 47 4747

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