Your Role as a Committee Member

The management committee members of a voluntary and community group (not registered as a charity) are responsible for setting up and maintaining their organisation.

Their roles include:

  • Agreeing and adopting a constitution / governing document / set of rules which gives information about what the organisation is set up to do, the area it works in and how they make decisions. This gives the organisation a legal identity which is needed when applying for funding. Once agreed it is important that the committee members make sure it is followed and that new members have a copy and know what it says
  • Managing money in an appropriate way by setting up and managing a bank account and keeping appropriate financial records
  • Raising funds to make sure they are able to do the work
  • Making sure that the organisation has the policies and procedures it needs in order to be able to do the work – these might include health and safety, child protection, equality and diversity etc.
  • Awareness that if the organisation employs any staff that they are the employers and responsible for following employment law
  • Planning and making sure that the organisation works with in the law and its governing document
  • Making sure that meetings are run in a fair way and that everyone takes responsibility for making decisions
  • To keep appropriate records of the work they do and decisions that are taken regarding the organisation

For more information contact:

Charity Commission
0845 300 0218

08457 47 4747

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