Starting a new community organisation

Would you like to know what is involved in setting up a new voluntary organisation or community group? We outline a few things to consider here but you can also contact our Support and Development team for further advice and guidance. Call 0191 232 7445 or email

What is it that you want the organisation to do?

  • Why have you decided to set up a new organisation or group?
  • What will the aims of the organisation be?
  • How do you intend that the organisation will achieve these aims - what will it actually do?
  • Who will benefit from the organisation? Will the organisation offer a service to the general public or a specific section of the public, or will the organisation be of benefit solely to its members? There is no reason why you shouldn’t create a ‘club’ that only benefits members, although it may be more difficult to attract funding.
  • Are there other people who wish to be involved? One person can have the idea for a new organisation but an organisation needs a number of people to help run it, usually as part of a committee. An organisation will also usually need other people to be members.

Where do you want the organisation to work?

Will the organisation work in one or a number of local authority wards, or is it intended to cover the whole of Newcastle, the North East, or the entire UK? You should be clear about the geographical area you intend that the organisation will work in.

Will the organisation overlap with the work of any other organisations or groups?

You need to do a little research to find out if there is already an organisation doing the same kind of things you want to do and in the same area. Duplicating what other organisations are doing won’t help when it comes to trying to get support, funding or volunteers, so it is a good idea to ensure that what you want to do is new and/or unique in some way before you start.

Could you work in partnership with any other organisations or groups?

If there are groups already doing similar work perhaps you could make your idea an addition to their already successful organisation, or join them and work together to develop something new. Alternately, you could set up a new organisation and both organisations share premises and costs and work together for the benefit of both groups.


How we can help

We can help by offering advice and guidance on setting up an organisation, researching the need for your project and finding suitable funding. Call 0191 232 7445 or email

Our Business Services team can also assist with things like setting up a basic bookkeeping system, understanding the financial records you will need to keep, setting up expenditure procedures and meeting the reporting requirements of the Charity Commission. Call 0191 232 7445 or email

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