ScottishPower Foundation

Closing date

Grants are available to registered charities in the UK for projects that support education, environmental protection, arts, culture, heritage, science, poverty and disability relief, citizenship and community development. 

Grants of between £35,000 and £200,000 are available, to organisations with a minimum annual turnover of £50,000

Grants are available for one year only. Projects must start during 2021 and be completed within 12 months.

Application must address at least one of the ScottishPower Foundation's strategic aims:

  • Education, training and research - to support education, training and research in general, prioritising innovation in order to contribute to energy sustainability.
  • Biodiversity and climate change - to support the protection of the environment and to enhance biodiversity; to actively contribute in the fight against climate change.
  • Art and culture - to protect and safeguard artistic and cultural heritage by promoting conservation and restoration of the arts and supporting local development.
  • Social initiatives - to contribute to sustainable human development by supporting the most vulnerable people and groups.

The Foundation particularly welcomes applications that will support the most vulnerable people in society.

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