Critical Social Policy Relief Fund

Closing date

The Critical Social Policy Solidarity Fund seeks to support activist projects that align with the aims and mission of Critical Social Policy (A journal of theory and practice in social welfare). Grants of up to £5 000 are available

  • The CSP Solidarity fund will support:
  • Hard to fund activist projects. The fund is for projects that find it difficult to access funding elsewhere.
  • Pump priming activism. To help lay the foundation for an activity so it can develop capacity and sustainability.
  • Overheads
  • Activist training and development projects: Activities which provide training for social justice action that increases confidence, skills and capacity building through consciousness raising.
  • One off activist events: The event must be in accord with the aims of CSP.
  • Dissemination of activism: The production and distribution of materials pertaining to resistance, emancipation, social justice and political transformation.
  • Other activist projects - If your idea does not fit easily into the above categories

During Covid-19 applications from BAME Grass-root groups will be assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that decisions are made as quickly as possible.