Bernicia Foundation

The Bernicia Foundation will help fund projects and initiatives that deliver real and lasting community benefits, alongside those that support individuals to achieve their ambitions.  Over the next four years, the foundation will channel profits from Bernicia’s commercial property arm Kingston and invest them into people and communities at a time of need.  It has two programmes:

The Inclusion Grant Programme offers grants of between 5 and £10k to support initiatives that encourage:

Social inclusion:

  • Reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Promoting independence
  • Building citizenship, confidence and aspiration

Economic inclusion:

  • Removing barriers to employment, training and volunteering
  • Reducing child poverty
  • Tackling Fuel Poverty
  • Improving financial wellbeing

The Inspiration Grant Programme supports disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential

  • Aimed at young people under 24 and/or organisations that support them
  • Grants of up to £1000 per young person aimed at people with real potential with a talent for anything from sporting skills, academia, performing arts to creative flair.

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