The Albert Hunt Trust

The Albert Hunt Trust supports UK charitable organisations that:

  • Provide Hospice Care
  • Provide support for the Homeless
  • Promote health and well being – areas of support under this heading have included physical and learning disability, physical and mental health, plus social challenge and deprivation. We look to support organisations in this category with an annual income of below £250,000. However, we will look at capital projects, such as significant equipment purchases or building works irrespective of the income levels.

Grants may be considered for a range of purposes and could include:

  • Single awards for capital projects (building / equipment / renovation)
  • Grants for core funding to include staff costs.
  • Ongoing running costs for specific projects

The type, size and time period of the award is decided on the basis of the perceived ‘difference’ that our support will make to the organisation, to the project and to the targeted beneficiaries.  Capital grants are considered for organisations with a greater than £250,000 per annum turnover, but not for other grants. Note that a number of thematic exclusions apply, including arts/heritage and conservation/environment, so you should check carefully beforehand.

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