Amplifying Voices

Representing local charities, social enterprises and community organisations

We work with our members and a range of organisations to ensure the voices of local charities, social enterprises and community organisations are heard. We strive to enable the ideas, experience and energy of these organisations to influence funders, councils, government departments and policy makers to improve conditions for the people and communities they serve.

How do we do this?

We organise a number of Focused Networking Events and facilitate key networks like the Haref Network and Haref Allies. These are a great opportunity for organisations to share ideas, work collectively and, in some of our events, speak directly with funders and representatives from statutory services.

We collect data to analyse, write and publish research reports based on responses to our surveys, which gather the views from charities, social enterprises and community organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead. These reports are shared widely and often reported in national media. Many of our member organisations tell us they are a useful evidence resource for project planning and funding applications, and to understand our shared challenges and successes.

We participate in ‘multi-agency partnerships’ in Newcastle and Gateshead at the invitation of the two Local Authorities, to bring the perspective and knowledge of our members and the organisations we work with. These strategic partnerships include the Gateshead Strategic Partnership, Voluntary Sector Liaison Group (Newcastle), Wellbeing for Life Board (Newcastle), Health and Wellbeing Board (Gateshead) and the Newcastle and Gateshead Safeguarding Adults/Children Boards.

We support the Newcastle Compact. This is an agreement between Newcastle City Council, charities and community organisations, and a range of public sector partners. The compact recognises that our relationships extend beyond commissioning, contracting and grant aid. The quality of our relationships is indicative of how we can work together for the maximum benefit of Newcastle's citizens and communities.  The best outcomes for the people and communities within Newcastle can only be achieved by positive and collaborative working relationships.