How advocacy helps to keep people safe from abuse and neglect

This week is national Safeguarding Adults Week when organisations across the country come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding adults issues. Connected Voice Advocacy (CVA) is a member both of Newcastle and Gateshead Safeguarding Adults Boards, groups of agencies who work together to keep people safe from abuse and neglect.

Each local authority has a legal duty to support a person who is at risk of abuse, has care and support needs and is unable to protect themselves.  It is also a requirement that the local authority makes sure the person engages in the safeguarding process and the decisions taken. Some people may have difficulty in engaging in this so the authority ensures they have someone to help them. If there is no one appropriate in the person’s life to support them engage then the authority will involve an advocate to help the person.

The advocate will help the person:

  • Understand the safeguarding process
  • Communicate their views, wishes and feelings
  • Understand how the council can meet their care needs
  • Weigh up their options
  • Understand their rights
  • Assist them to challenge a decision they are unhappy with

Abuse and neglect can come in many different forms, including: financial, neglect, emotional, physical, sexual and self-neglect. Adults with care and support needs might not always be able to protect themselves from harm and it is important that we all work together to identify, prevent and respond to abuse and neglect when it is occurring. Covid-19 has increased risks for some adults; now more than ever it is important that everyone is aware of the role they can play in reducing risks or reporting concerns.


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For further ideas about how you or your organisation can raise awareness about safeguarding adults and to access a host of free resources go to Ann Craft Trust

If you or someone you know needs help to keep safe from abuse please contact the relevant local authority for more details, for example: