Easyfundraising - generate additional income for your organisation

New funding opportunity for groups in our area

As part of our aim to provide funding support to voluntary organisations CICs, social enterprises and groups in our area, Connected Voice is now working with fundraising website easyfundraising to help you generate additional income.


With easyfundraising, you, your staff, volunteers and supporters can all raise free donations for your organisation simply by shopping online with all their favourite retailers.


How does it work?

easyfundraising partners with over 6,000 leading retailers like Amazon, eBay, Just Eat, John Lewis, Argos and Sainsbury’s. When you and your supporters, volunteers and staff use the easyfundraising website or app to access a partner retailer, your organisation will receive a free donation from the retailer, based on how much you spend. This doesn’t cost anything extra as the retailer pays the donation, not the shopper.

With many more people shopping online these days, this is an easy way for your volunteers and supporters to raise money for your organisation safely from home through their normal online shopping. 

Every three months your organisation receives all the donations raised by your supporters, which you can put towards a particular project; or keep for a rainy day.


The benefits:

  • Free to register and use
  • Open to voluntary organisations of all shape and size – you do not need to be a charity.
  • Easy to set up and requires minimal management
  • Unrestricted funds so you can use your donations as you wish


What do other organisations think?

Using easy fundraising is so good because for once, we're not asking our congregation to give money. All they need to do is log into easyfundraisin at the start of their online shopping and that's it! The money simply appears in your bank account - a lovely surprise for any treasurer. St Pauls Church Whitely Bay - raised £579

Easyfundraisin is an easy way of generating donations with minimal effort. I would recommend it to any organisation trying to raise funds as its easy to do and can make a big difference. Prudhoe Community Band. Total raised £2140


Getting started

To get started, create an easyfundraising page for your organisation via this link: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/newcastle-gateshead/

Our partnership with easyfundraising enables Connected Voice to benefit from a small commission when our groups sign up to easyfundraising so please do use the link above to register as this will mean that as well as you benefitting from additional funding, Connected Voice will also benefit, at no cost to you.

If you have questions and would like to speak to someone about easyfundraising, please contact becky@easyfundraising.org.uk who will be happy to help you. You can also download this handy Getting Started guide.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does it work?

Yes, easyfundraising has enabled good causes across the country raise over £35million to date.

How much could we raise?

Each of your supporters could raise at least £25-£30 per year for you just by using easyfundraising when they shop. Many people raise much more than this too!

My organisation isn’t a charity – can we still use easyfundraising?

Yes – you don’t need to be a charity to use easyfundraising

Will it cost us anything?

No – easyfundraising is completely free to register and use for both you and your supporters. And your supporters will not be charged anything extra on their shopping either.

How do we get our donations?

Providing you have raised over £15, easyfundraising total up all the donations raised by everyone supporting your organisation every three months and send them to you by bank transfer or cheque. There is no charge for this. If your organisation hasn’t raised over £15 in the previous three months, the amount simply rolls into the next payment instead.

How does easyfundraising make money?

Like price comparison websites, easyfundraising makes money through affiliate marketing. This means that retailers pay them a commission each time a sale is made through their site. The donation rate shown on the website is what’s paid to your organisation when one of your supporters buys something from a retailer.

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