Black History Month 2021: Proud to be

October is Black History Month and this year the BHM campaign is celebrating with the theme 'Proud to be'.

There are a number of things happening here at Connected Voice throughout Black History Month and we'll keep this page updated. If your organisation is planning an event or campaign then let us know and we'll share it here and on social media. Email with the subject BHM2021 or tag us on Twitter (@ConnectedVoice_) or Facebook (Connected Voice Charity)



We'll be taking part in the My Name Is campaign from Race Equality Matters to promote inclusivity. Pronouncing other people’s names correctly does matter. Especially if you value dignity, respect and inclusion. Connected Voice staff will be adding phonetic spellings of our names to email signatures to promote this campaign.

Download the guide for tips and to find out more about how to get involved.


Tea Break Campaign

Race Equality Matters are also promoting the Tea Break Campaign. This provides the framework and opportunity for an organisation to hear the honest voice and feelings of colleagues about race inequality. 

This initiative was developed through the Solutions Collaboratory™ in collaboration with Network Rail and its staff network, Cultural Fusion, Mental Health First Aid England and those with lived experience from other organisations. The How to do it right Guide provides a framework for running this initiative in an effective, safe way to ensure the best results.

Tea break guide part 1

Tea break guide part 2




Representation Matters: A Black History Month event

Wednesday 20 October, 1pm - 3pm (online)

Connected Voice is delighted to present this event, devised and delivered by Success4All, as part of our celebrations of Black History Month 2021: 'Proud to be me'.

• 9% of the voluntary sector workforce are from an ethnically minoritised background.

• 4% of North East CEOs are from an ethnically minoritised background. The lowest in the UK.

• 4% of North East Chairs of boards of trustees are from an ethnically minoritised background. Also the lowest in the UK.

Are you shocked that our region's non profit sector lacks representation?

Have you thought about the effects that a lack of representation can have on the people we support? Join us for a range of informative speakers and opportunities for discussion on the need for better representation of ethnically minoritised people in the North East non-profit sector. Our event aims to open up an honest critique of the sector in the hope of implementing change.

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Haref Network meeting

Friday 1 October 10am - 12 noon on Zoom

At our next Haref Network meeting we will:

  • Introduce Black History Month 2021 and this year’s theme
  • Present the findings on our mental health peer research and recommendations made
  • Have Connected Voice staff explain how they can help with applying for grants and funding, governance, and support available from advocacy.
  • Facilitate networking to talk about the process of opening face-to-face services and providing peer support on the current situation with the pandemic

This meeting is open to all those in the Haref Network and you can become a member if you are:

  • An organisation led by people from ethnically minoritised communities
  • An organisation with a targeted project for ethnically minoritised communities
  • This includes asylum-seeker and refugee groups and projects

If you are interested in becoming part of the Network or attending the meeting contact


Haref Allies Meeting

Tuesday 26 October 10am - 12 noon on Zoom

At our next Haref Allies meeting we will:

  • Introduce Black History Month 2021 and this year’s theme
  • Present the findings on our mental health peer research and recommendations made
  • Welcome Haref Network members talking about their culture, their community and access to health services
  • Discuss the Haref Allies offer and membership plans

To become a Haref Ally your organisation must:

  • Deliver at least some services within Newcastle or Gateshead

And either:

  • Be an organisation that provides Health and Wellbeing Services or
  • Be an organisation that has social value, tackles barriers to services, or addresses the wider social determinants of health (housing, benefits, employment, etc.) or
  • Be funders of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

If you are interested in becoming a Haref Ally or attending the meeting contact



Teakisi Woman Talk - 2021

Saturday 16 October, 2:30pm – 5pm, The Common Room, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE

A Black History Month session focusing on African women and the community.

Teakisi is happy to announce the third annual Teakisi Woman Talk conferenceThis event takes place in October, which is also Black History Month. The annual Teakisi Woman Talk allows black women, plus the general public to have a conversation on topics that really matter to us - however uncomfortable they may be.

Theme: Community and Connectivity: Bridging The Digital Divide

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