Monitoring and Evaluation essentials


This online session will introduce you to the topics of Project Monitoring and Evaluation. 

Do you struggle with how to measure and describe the impact of your work? This session will take you through the key practical steps involved in setting up monitoring of the work of your project, and how you can use evaluation to demonstrate its impact to funders. 

This session will cover: 

•          The difference between Monitoring and Evaluation 

•          Choosing the right things to measure 

•          How and when to collect data 

•          How to use Evaluation to demonstrate impact to current funders 

•          How to use past Evaluations in future funding bids 

Funders often ask applicants how they will measure the success of their project at the application stage; this session will provide you with practical tools to respond to the question, and to simplify your monitoring and evaluation process. 

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