VCSE Health Alliance

The VCSE Health Alliance, hosted by Connected Voice, is free to join. The Alliance is open to all VCSE groups working in Gateshead and has a specific emphasis on supporting small grassroots organisations, including those that are volunteer and/or peer-led.

The Alliance has been shaped by the VCSE organisations across Gateshead that have engaged in its development so far. It is expected that this will continue to evolve.

The initial aims of the Alliance are to:

  • Create formal and informal learning opportunities to grow skills and knowledge to help our sector and our communities thrive
  • Join up resources within the community to improve opportunities for local people
  • Support and not duplicate the work of existing VCSE networks in Gateshead
  • Collaborate on funding partnerships
  • Host three events a year to provide information and resources relating to health and wellbeing

Organisations who are already a member of Connected Voice do not need to fill in an application form to join the VCSE Health Alliance - written notice in an email is sufficient.

Organisations who are not already members of Connected Voice may want to consider signing up - membership to Connected Voice is also free and covers access to support and resources which are not available through the Alliance.

If your organisation would prefer not to be a member of Connected Voice, but would still like to join the Alliance, please complete the VCSE Health Alliance Application Form here.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact