Cost of living support

Amidst growing concerns around the Cost of Living Crisis, our team began to compile a list of resources and where to find help to share with the Connected Voice staff. As the list grew, we felt it would be helpful to share this information with the VCSE organisations we support.

This is not an exhaustive directory, but it contains information about key organisations and services that can help with energy costs, food, mental health issues and so on. You can filter the results by geographical area and also by the different types of support available.

Connected Voice Magazine Autumn 2022

Key Findings:

This issue focuses on the cost of living crisis. We meet with three local organisations, Edberts House, Citizens Advice Gateshead and Citizens Advice Newcastle to hear about the essential advice, support and services they provide to their local communities.

We also learn from the North East England Chamber of Commerce how issues around the cost of living are more broadly affecting businesses and families, and what actions they are taking to address poverty.

Connected Voice Magazine Summer 2022

In this issue exploring the ‘The Power of Local’, we hear from two recently formed organisations, Dwellbeing Shieldfield and Chopwell Regeneration CIO, about how they support their local communities and the inspiring difference they have made in such a short space of time.

Vicki Harris shares how the Haref Allies have helped to address health inequalities in our local ethnically minoritised communities across Newcastle and Gateshead, and how their ambitions are growing thanks to the new Haref Allies membership offer.

Connected Voice Magazine Winter 2021

Key Findings:

Welcome to the Winter 2021 edition of Connected Voice Magazine. This issue shines a light on the issues affecting children, young people and families across Newcastle and Gateshead, and the amazing work of the organisations dedicated to supporting their health and wellbeing.

We hear about the work of Young Women’s Outreach Project, North Benwell Youth Project and Streetwise, and welcome an insightful piece from Youth Focus North East about how we can make the most of the challenges and opportunities from the last 18 months to better support young people.